S.O.S. is a zine that was created during a workshop with Jon Key, an art director based in New York. The assignment was to pick a social issue that affects Baltimore, and create a PSA zine for it, that could be mass-produced and distributed to the public in order to raise awareness of the issue. I chose to focus on problems with Baltimore City Public Schools, because a few months prior, the school system made national news because of the lack of heat in it's schools. The restraints were that it had to be black and white, and half letter sized, so that it could be easily produced. I chose to keep it simple, and use primarily typographic and photographic elements. I combined statistics with more personal elements, in order to invoke a sense of emotion within the reader. Below are some of the spreads, and the zine was produced and distributed at schools in the area.





Some Words + Imagery do not belong to me. Respective authors and owners are credited within.