This project was the result of a workshop with Giselle Lewis-Archibald, an art director at Under Armour. The prompt was to create a new activewear brand, brand it, and then design the first product line for the brand, as well as a campaign and marketing materials to launch it.

I chose to create an activewear brand that was geared specifically to women of all sizes. After doing extensive research, I came to the conclusion that there is a huge gap in the industry for activewear that fit curvier women. I came up with the brand Variance, which produces different lines of clothes for different types of bodies. The first line of products I created was called Boldwear, which featured the BoldBra product design, and I created an advertising campaign to launch. I also mocked-up a website, social media, and created a “fit-quiz” that customers can take to determine which line of clothes is best for them. Below is the project pitch I was required to create, containing all the elements above.